Personal Injury

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Our experienced attorneys are able to help injured clients receive just compensation for the damages they have suffered. Because of our familiarity with personal injury law, we are able to suggest appropriate levels of damages and seek expedient recovery of those amounts. Our veteran attorneys are able to direct our clients thru the settlement process so that a client can clearly document the injuries he or she has received to justify his or her compensation. Where a settlement cannot be reached, our attorneys are ready and able to go to court to argue on our clients behalf.

In situations where there are large settlements resulting in permanent disability, our clients benefit from consultation with attorneys in our Tax, Trusts and Estates and Elder Law department to minimize the income tax consequences of a settlement and to structure a settlement so that its receipt will not interfere with any disability benefits a client might be entitled to.

If you have been injured, you may contact Jim E. Shepard, Managing Shareholder of our Litigation Department to see if we may be of assistance to you. We have also placed article, links and tools in our Library that may be of assistance to you in evaluating your injury and the need for legal counsel.

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