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The fastest growing segment of the American population are those over 65. As baby boomers age, these numbers will continue to grow. Older Americans are concerned about their future and financial security, while their children are concerned about how to care for their parents and how it will be paid for.

When the client has the luxury of time to plan for their future, we draw on our experience in the tax and estate planning areas to offer clients strategies to provide for their security as they age. We develop individual plans that take into account a client’s goals, asset mix, health and family situation.

When a client has a more immediate need due to a deteriorating condition or sudden change in health, we are able to draw on our experience as advocates to assist families with guardianship proceedings and Medicaid applications and appeals. We not only review guardianship options with our clients, but also advocate on their behalf in State court. We assist clients in making Medicaid applications in Social Services offices in counties across the State, and pride ourselves on facilitating a complex situation.

We are sensitive to the confusion and fear that many clients feels when faced with deteriorating health and shrinking finances. Clients worry about losing their home and lifestyle. We are able to give clients confidence and control over their future. To offer the best possible service, we are active in Elder Law organizations such as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and our attorneys continuously attend continuing education seminars to hone their skills and stay abreast of cutting edge trends in the area.

We encourage you to visit our Library, where you will find articles, FAQ’s, tools and links regarding elder law and planning for financing long term care.


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