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Accounts receivable are the bane of any business. We know that our clients have better things to do then pursuing a claim to the bitter, and often fruitless, end. For businesses, your time should be spent on growing your business, not on chasing the customers who ignore your invoices. For collection agencies, your time can be spent more profitably when devoted to the non-litigation aspects of your practice – we can handle your claims in an efficient manner as we know full well the economics of your business. For debt buyers our past judgment collection techniques are the best in the industry.

Our experience with both national and local collection agencies, direct creditors, and debt buyers, have allowed us to develop a process where we can work with the client’s work standards, while best representing, and protecting their interests in the New Jersey courts. “We Collect in New Jersey” is more then just a motto, but an expression of the pride we have in our professionalism and the value we add to our client’s bottom line. The team here is able to handle all collection matters, including consumer / retail, and commercial matters, as well as highly complicated subrogation matters. The collection staff, average more than 5 years with the firm and more than 15 years in the industry, leading to one of the most productive firms in the state.  We consistently strive to exceed our client’s expectations, every day.

Every pre-suit file received at our office is fully investigated – through demand letters, computer assisted research, and attempted telephone communication – before we recommend that you file suit. Because of our experience in all facets of collections, we have created efficient methods of collecting receivables which enables us to work under the guidelines of a competitive fee structure. Also, because of our high professional standards in handling your collection matters, many of our business clients find that they can renew their business relationship with the debtor once the collection matter has been resolved to the client’s satisfaction.

If it is necessary to file suit, we are aggressive and successful advocates in both the courtroom and alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. Our attorneys have years of experience and practical knowledge in all aspects of commercial and retail collection, foreclosure, banking and related bankruptcy matters. As our fee arrangements are usually contingent in nature, you can be confident that we will use our best effort to resolve a matter as profitably as possible.

We find that the use of technology is highly important in communication with those who are placing files with us.  Through the use of e-mail and FTP sites, we are able to provide the precise level of reporting required by our forwarder clients.  Additionally, we are connected electronically with the courts to constantly monitor matters while in litigation.

Our advanced technological programming abilities enable us to communicate and file matters with the court with expedited and well organized efficiency.

We are linked to the industry through numerous memberships and listings.  We are members of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, the Commercial Law League of America, the International Association of Commercial Collectors the Association of Credit Collection Professionals, and the National Association of Subrogation Professionals.  By attending their annual conferences and communicating with other members we stay informed and educated as to all the developments happening with collection matters throughout the country, we are best prepared for any developments that may happen on any given file.  Our listings with every bonded law list, means you can have protection for the matters placed and peace of mind that you get the attention you deserve.

In our Library you will find tools, articles, FAQ’s and links relating to collection of aged receivables.

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