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We are proud to be able to offer valuable assistance to our business clients at every stage of the business from formation to the exit of the owners. Our clients benefit from our experience in counseling them on making successful business choices.

The formation of a business begins with an idea. We help our clients give shape to that idea by suggesting a form of entity. We discuss the role of agreements among owners who are bringing different capital to the venture, whether it be money, contacts or talent. By encouraging our clients to think through common issues at the outset, such as what happens if an owner or employee wants to leave, we give our business clients the tools to be successful as the business grows and changes.

A mature business with an established market niche has different needs. Such a business may require standardized agreements with its customers and vendors to set forth its rights and obligations, or assistance in negotiating custom agreements. We help clients structure their business to acquire the financing needed to grow their business, whether through institutional or private sources. We are experienced in representing clients in the nuances of business deals where they merge with, acquire or are acquired by other companies. Through our knowledge of employee benefits, our clients are able to keep the talent central to their success in this competitive marketplace. At all stages, our clients rely on the attorneys in our tax law practice to minimize taxes and take advantage of the tax laws. By acting as general counsel, our clients know they have a full legal department ready to address their every question.

A concern that many owners and key employees have is that they cannot turn the paper value of the company into cash when they want to retire or move onto other business opportunities. We help these clients develop viable exit strategies to realize the fruits of their labor, by helping to identify and tie successor management to the business, structuring a sale to employees or a friendly competitor, creating deferred compensation plans, and working with the attorneys in our estate planning practice to ensure that a client’s family will have financial security.

Throughout all stages of the business, we ensure that our clients meet their administrative obligations through our registered agent service. As a business’ registered agent, we are the party on whom process will be served in the event of a lawsuit, and draw upon the talents of our business litigation practice area to immediately devise a strategy with our clients to enforce their rights. We also prepare minutes and resolutions of annual meetings as required by statute, and assist our clients in staying up to date with mandatory fees to preserve the limited liability many clients seek in forming an entity separate from themselves to operate their business.

We have designed the our Library’s business and corporate law section to be a resource for business owners. The articles and tools highlight strategies that have helped our clients grow their businesses. We invite you to explore these ideas and see how Fein, Such, Kahn and Shepard can help you meet your goals.

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